High Power LED LS-80

184lm/W - very high luminous flux

The only lamp GLARE FREE - does not blind the players

Aluminium and polycarbon body - 100% resistant to ball damage

LED diods and power supply made by renown German company OSRAM

LED LS-80 is 100% Made in Poland out of best components


Modern led lighting systems replace metal halide lamps (tennis courts) and fluorescent lights (squash and badminton courts).   

When choosing led lamps, it is worth to remember about 3 basic parameters: the amount of lumens generated from 1 WATT, the quality of components, and the ratio of the lamp's price in comparasement to the usage costs.



Higher number of lumens (lm) from 1 WATT of power means lower electricity costs

Metal Halide lamp < 90 lm/W
Fluorescent lamp  < 70 lm/W
Led substitute for fluorescent lamps  < 80 lm/W
Standard Led  < 120 lm/W
New generation Led < 140 lm/W
High Power Led > 140 lm/W 


Monthly savings generated by the LED LS-80 lamps

cover their leasing costs.



3 tennis court lightning configurations:

16 lamps LS-80 (1,28kW) instead of 8 metal-halide 400W lamps (3,2kW)
20 lamps LS-80 (1,6kW) instead of 10 metal-halide 400W lamps (4kW)
24 lamps LS-80 (1,92kW) instead of 12 metal-halide 400W lamps(4,8kW)


2 squash court lightning configurations:

8 lamps LS-80 - standard "2T" set up (club level squash)
10 lamps LS-80 - placement shown below (tournament level squash)

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